How Ava Works

Designed to integrate seamlessly with your existing workflow, Ava can be fully interacted with through your email inbox. Get started with software so intuitive that you can skip the learning curve.



Text Messages

The vast majority (~91%) of your patients have cell phones. Ava will send texts to reach them for you and as you.

Unparalleled Effectiveness

With a 30% response rate, Ava’s text messaging isthe best way to reach patients who have yet to start treatment.

Two-Way Texting

Communicate back and forth with your patients through text messages…in your email inbox. Our proprietary software lets you do some pretty cool stuff.

Unlimited Messages

Texting thread getting a little long? No worries! Send to your heart’s content with no extra charges or fees.


Three obstacles stand in the way of email success. First – Getting the email opened. Second – Having the email read. Third – Soliciting a response. Ava meticulously crafts her emails to easily hurdle all three obstacles.


Nothing turns people off to emails more than a salesy appearance. Ava sends emails to patients from you with subject lines you’d actually write.


With email you have seven seconds to capture your reader’s attention. Don’t waste them. Ava keeps her emails short, sweet, and to the point.


No one responds to automated emails. Ava’s don’t look it, but they are. We won’t tell if you don’t.

Call Prompts

Typically once per month or per quarter you’ll print off a list of Pending patients to call. It takes hours, it’s ineffective, and no one likes to do it. Ava handles the logistics of who you need to call and when you need to call them. Gone are the sticky notes and spiral notebooks!

Relevant Timing

Each patient is on an individual follow-up track with predetermined contact points. We’ll prompt you when it’s time to call.

Call Script

Stop being lost as to what to say when a patient answers. Ava will give you a script to walk you through the call.

Call Outcomes

Keep track of your calling. After completing the call simply click one of the four call outcomes. We’ll report these outcomes in Ava’s dashboard.

Plus many more…


Bird-eye view. Confirm/Postpone/Remove. Patient communication history.

Unsubscribe Notifications

Patient unsubscribed from Ava? We’ll let you know.

Detailed Reporting

Better visibility. Regular statistics and data on Ava’s operations

Results Reports

ROI you can trust. Monthly reports detail how many patients scheduled and who they were.

Postpone Notes

Not ready for Ava to follow up with a patient? Click “Wait” and type notes to help you remember why you postponed.

No Logins

Your email is your authentication. We are based out of your email inbox so you don’t need a separate login.

Multiple TC Support

Follow-up from the Treatment Coordinator the patient knows.


HIPAA compliant. Bank-level encryption. We take PHI seriously.

Effective Content

Ava’s content is tested and tweaked for maximum effectiveness. You get the best, most data-driven content available.

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