New in Lifeline: Join our Dashboard Open Beta!


When you enable Lifeline in your office (which we hope you have done!) you might start receiving lots of emails. Sometimes the volume can get overwhelming, making it difficult to keep track of what’s already been done.

We’ve been working hard on a dashboard to give you better visibility into the goings-on of Lifeline. Here’s how it works.

Starting this week you’ll begin to notice a link at the bottom of each email that says something like “My Dashboard (beta).” Click this link and you’ll be taken to your dashboard, which will look similar to this:

The dashboard home screen has three main sections:

    • To be Confirmed patients. Confirm, Postpone, Remove from List, or see additional Details
    • All Active in Lifeline patients. Remove or see additional Details
    • All Previously in Lifeline patients. See additional details

To be Confirmed

Two simple steps to confirm, postpone, or remove a patient from the list:

  1. Select a treatment coordinator from the dropdown (yes, please still do this even if you only have one treatment coordinator)
  2. Confirm, Postpone, or Remove from List

Active in Lifeline

Gain an overview of who is in the Lifeline follow up, and remove patients from your dashboard.

Click “Details” to see contact information and communication history.

The communication history is a summary of all events relating to the patient. Here you’ll see the date the patient first entered Lifeline, any notes you’ve left yourself, text messages sent and received, emails sent and received, appointment scheduled dates, email open dates, and more.

(Don’t worry, we’ve placed it all in a simple timeline out of the way, so you only see this level of detail if you are searching for it!)

Previously in Lifeline

Patients who were at one point in the Lifeline follow-up (and were either removed, scheduled, or unsubscribed). Click on their “Details” for an extended look into their communication history.

We hope this update makes your experience better!

P.S. – Your feedback is always welcome and appreciated as we build a better Lifeline for you and your practice. Please take 60 seconds and leave us a review by clicking here. Thanks!!