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Lifeline™ by Dentma is THE solution for high-dollar treatment followup.

A New Way To Follow Up

As a doctor do you want the peace of mind knowing that follow up is happening with each and every one of your patients who do not accept treatment while in the office? Sticky notes and confusing reminder systems don’t cut it, and your staff is already plenty busy interfacing with patients in the office. New software systems all promise to do everything under the sun, but it’s difficult to get your staff to adopt and actually use the features you are paying for. With Lifeline™ by Dentma there is no software to learn, no usernames or passwords to manage, and no unutilized potential. Lifeline™ contacts every one of your unscheduled treatment patients and brings them back to you.


No software to learn means no learning curve, so your team will actually use it! Sit back, relax, and let Lifeline™ do the work. When you need to know something, Lifeline™ will deliver instructions to your email inbox.


Lifeline™ saves the average office 40 hours each week in staff time. That’s a full-time employee! Not to mention that Lifeline™ never gets sick, never takes vacations, isn’t prone to human error, and will happily work overtime.


ROI you can trust. Have confidence that your unscheduled treatment is now coming back to schedule. You’ll receive a monthly report with all the details you need to determine your exact ROI with Lifeline™.


Established for over 5 years Dentma has a rock solid track record of delivering automated marketing solutions. Your Lifeline™ will run daily, reliably.


100% HIPAA compliant. Bank-level encryption. The latest technology and a modern architecture keep your Lifeline™ running securely day in and day out.

Contract Free

No contracts. No obligation. Try Lifeline™ for a month, and keep it if it’s working for you. The system will prove its value every month.

"In our first month we saw $57,000 of additional treatment scheduled through Lifeline. In the past it’s been hit and miss, but now I can sleep confidently knowing that communications are going out to patients. For a lot of doctors it’s important to have confidence and to know that things are being done. The biggest thing for me is that I know that communication is taking place and I don’t have to worry about that."

Shawn M. Murray, DDS
How It Works

When you enter unscheduled treatment into your practice management software our proprietary technology detects it and places the patient into the Lifeline™ follow up system.

Lifeline™ then creates an automated frontend and backend follow up that gently contacts the patient and keeps you in the loop by letting you know if a personal touch from the office is necessary. When the patient schedules we will let you know who they are and what they scheduled for in your monthly report. Throughout the Lifeline™ follow up system your patient will receive four types of communication: Texting, Emails, Phone Calls, and Direct Mail.

Lifeline™ will send a personal text message to your patients with unscheduled treatment with the aim of reconnecting them with your staff to schedule the treatment. When patients reply to a text message sent by Lifeline™ your staff will receive the response in their email inbox and be able to carry on two-way text conversations without leaving their email inbox. With our text messages regularly receiving 50% reply rates from patients, you’ll be able to know what your patients are thinking like never before. Oh and unlimited texting is included, of course 🙂

Each of our emails are carefully crafted to receive the highest response rates. Your patients will feel the individual personal attention they deserve. Nurturing should be consistent but not annoying. Persistent but not naggy. Most of your patients will thank you for caring about them, and you’ll remain an authority figure in their minds.

Let us train your staff on how to be more efficient on the phones. When a patient needs to be called we’ll email your staff a script and all relevant information they need to nail the call. Built-in accountability tracking also gives you the peace of mind that your staff is actually making the calls. Best yet, because Lifeline™ keeps track of all your patients day in and day out your staff will only have a few phone calls to make each day instead of you printing out a long list of names to call after one of those restless night’s sleep.
When digital might be falling short, get physical with old-fashioned but still effective direct mail. Save yourself from a few more paper cuts and trips to the post office. We’ll handle all of the mail fulfillment for you. Many patients still prefer snail mail over digital communication.  We’ll reach these patients too, and we’ll do-it-for-you for less than you can do-it-yourself in-house.

Simple Setup

Lifeline™ works like a new member of your team who is super efficient and doesn’t require any training. After a quick and painless integration with your practice management system, Lifeline will run alongside your normal workflow. That’s right, you don’t need to adopt any new software or train your staff on how to use a new system. It just works.

The Value of Following Up With Lifeline™
If you think Lifeline™ makes office staff happy by making their professional lives easier, wait until you see what it does for practice owners.
Owners are the ones who run the numbers and see that Lifeline™ pays for itself the moment you turn it on and every month after that. And Lifeline™ not only brings patients back to schedule, it also empowers employees to accomplish more by freeing them up and providing them with organized, highly focused tasks that help them feel a sense of deep satisfaction. Their improved productivity and happiness will create a better collaborative atmosphere and make you more money.

"Any dentist who doesn't use LifeLine is totally NUTS....and losing money every single day!"

The Madow Brothers
No Learning Curve
Finally. Something you can use that doesn’t require a manual, hands-on training, or tech-savvy IT employees.
We know you’re buried in log-ins and complex software, and we set out to change that. Going live with Lifeline™ is as easy as opening your email inbox and clicking a button. You don’t need to worry about signing in to any software. You don’t need to worry about logging in to a website to manually enter a patient into a follow up system. Most importantly, you don’t need to worry about unscheduled treatment plans slipping through the cracks. Ever again.

Lifeline Saves You Time and Money

The hidden costs of unscheduled treatment add up. There’s the money lost from treatment you recommended but didn’t schedule. The staff time wasted on unfruitful efforts to bring patients back, or the time you spend trying to get your staff to make an effort to bring patients back. And then there’s the huge amount of money and time spent trying new software systems that don’t end up making your life any easier.

Lifeline tackles these problems head-on, allowing you to:

  • Free up staff time

  • Nurture patients to treatment

  • Feel confident that follow-up is happening

  • Adopt a new system that adapts to you

  • Save on marketing dollars by scheduling patients you already have

"Lifeline has been one of the coolest and most effective marketing tools we have utilized. From just one month we have seen amazing results!"

LaurenOffice Manager

"This has been the single most effective piece of marketing we have done in the last.... Well, forever!"

Danielle MayMarketing Coordinator

We sent out 341 texts, and within the hour received 86 replies. Out of those replies, we have 30 patients starting treatment. We have never seen such a response rate.

Jonathan Petrover, DDSOwner, Petrover Orthodontics

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